A fresh start. Qred is the first company in Sweden to introduce loans specific for entrepreneurs. If you have a company and own more than 25%, you are able to get a loan to start your business. This will help people achieve their dreams, work for themselves and create their own success. Our mission was to atriculate this in a easy-to-understand kind of way. Financial websites (read: banks) is always so complicated. We made getting a loan easy.

The main focus for the website was to make it as clear and easy as possible for users to sign up and see what loan amounts they are entitled to. If the bill suits their needs, they can apply for the loan, and get it paid out to their account that same day. We focused on plain, simple design to communicate security, simplicity and a warm welcoming feeling to make the user feel safe and confident about the service

Every part of the site has been fully optimized to fit in every medium. We always make every website mobile-first, meaning we start with designing for the smaller screen sizes, and work our way up. We dont want any potential future world-changers to be left out of the opportunity to start their own business because the website didn't work now would we.. 🙂

Design, Development

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